About us

Tienda Rovira FusteIt was in December 1956 when Manuel Rovira street Llovera founded the first settlement. In the beginning it was a shop dedicated to watchmaking and writing. Soon we began to incorporate the jewelry in the store.

In 1990 Carlos Rovira assume the familiar relay the establishment, and in 1993 the first reforms were made to renew the initial point of sale.

In 2002 we expanded our facility increasing the number of square meters, aiming for a level of fine jewelery and watches, creating a new space within the current point of sale. This new openness has given us an added value because maintaining the tradition and values, have opted for a more exclusive deal for our clients and higher quality in our product and service. The latter reform has integrated 3 outlets available to us in the same establishment. We have 3 distinct areas, the initial part where we can find the latest news and products more affordable steel and silver, the new space created where you can find articles of jewelery and watches, and finally we have a large exhibition of objects gift.

En 2005 se incorpora al negocio familiar Isaac Rovira, hijo de Carlos Rovira, después de haber finalizado sus estudios de Administración y Dirección de Empresa, y Gemología especializado en Diamante.

In 2010 we expanded our horizons and got to have a permanent exhibition in the only 5 star hotel of our coast, exploring and thus reaching new markets and getting new customers worldwide.

In 2014, after several online sales without web, we built our new web site where everyone can see our products, make inquiries, and even make the purchase online. Open a new window to the world.